Wedding Tents And Its Various Types

Friday, 9 May 2014

In my previous post I have discussed about our most elegant and innovative category called as Wedding Tent; and on that post I did not complete my whole words so; Today I am starting from where I left.

Wonderful Wedding Tents :-This wedding Tent is design based on latest color theme and latest design; as you seen in this image that it is fully wrapped in white color of canvas that are hut in shape and have top pointed roof.

Aesthetic Wedding Tents :-Aesthetic Wedding Tent is created with white, red and orange color of canvas which are of round in shape and have conical roof.Its canopy is made from high quality fabric that protect it from rough weather condition.

Monolithic Wedding Tents :-This Wedding Tent is fully covered and have top pointed roof with light grey color of canvas.This tent is spacious in nature and hence best suited for huge gathering.

Spacious Wedding Tents :-In pink and white color of canopy this Wedding Tent is nicely created in hut shape with pointed roof.It is made from water proof fabric which protect your party from rainy weather.

Magnificent Wedding Tents :-Magnificent Wedding Tent is the most beautiful category of Wedding Tents which are of nice design and have artistic print in golden color which looks so enormous.

As the best tent manufacturer we have presented our best category of Raj Tents which are available in cost effective range.

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