Raj Garden Tent And Its Various Facet

Monday, 28 April 2014

In our previous post I told you guys that you are reading about our famous category named as Raj Garden tent;  but in our previous post I have not completed my words. So, I am here to bring more interesting category and its features.
So, the rest of the categories are: -

Splendid Garden Tents :-In the small size and in hut shape with conical roof; this Garden tent is adorned with open curtains which are colored in dark mahroon and white color of shade.It is supported by side ropes and poles.

Handmade Garden Tents :-In the small hut shape with pointed roof this kind of Garden Tent is in baby pink and white color of canvas which gives standard look to this tent.Its canvas is made from quality fabrics and  this tent is durable in nature too.

Wedding Garden Tents:-This category Of Garden Tent is highly demanded in the market because of its colors, designs and its spacious nature.When it assemble in to your garden or wedding venue it possess an artistic look.Beautiful accessories and lighting element is to be added.

Majestic Garden Tents :-With the combination of orange and white color of curtains this Majestic Garden Tents is absorb the real beauty of our Indian Culture which shows through its elegance and its charm.Its installation process is simple and easy.

 Monolithic Garden Tents :-This tent is present itself in white color of canvas which have new and artistic kind of designing pattern.We design this tent with hut shape design but it is covered from back side and has nice entrance gate.Its canvas is of pure cotton so you do not need to worry about rough weather.

Here we have the categories of Garden Tents which are rich in look and fabulous in nature.As the best Tent Manufacturing Company; we have few more types of Raj Tents which  we offer in cost effective rage.We have more categories of Garden Tent which I will described in my next post so keep reading.

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Raj Garden Tent And Its Various Facet

Friday, 25 April 2014

As I stated in my previous posting that I will continue with the same post named  Raj Garden Tent; so I am hare with other category of Raj Garden Tent.

Royal Garden Tents: -This category of Garden Tent is famous for huge kind of party; this tent is adorned with the folded white color of curtains and have pointed roof that create it special.

Imperial  Garden Tents: - In light sky blues color this tent is generally pitched in round shape with top pointed roof and have beautiful border,Its installing and disassemble process is easy and not very time consuming.

Special Garden Tent: -In the huge shape this Garden Tent is creating through 100% cotton and silk which make it high tolerance aspects that means if weather has changed then there is no effect into your party.

 Lavish Garden Tent: -This tent id highly demanded in the market because of its lavish look; as you seen in this picture that its upper part is made from white color of canvas but its body party is decorated with the combination of red and orange which looks so elegant.

 Luxurious Garden Tent: -This tent is stand by the support of side ropes and poles when you assemble in the ground it takes less time and provide their best comfort.Because it is huge in size then inside this tent well sitting arrangement is organized.

 These tents are the category Of Raj Tents and under the Raj Tent Garden Tent is famous sub category ; we are as the best tent manufacturer provide these Garden Tents in cost effective ranges.

We will continue with the same post; so keep reading.

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Raj Garden Tent And Its Various Facet

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Today I am here to describe about most exotic category name as Garden Tent and also about its sub category.So, first we start why do we choose Garden Tent for our party ? Garden tent is a perfectly design tent through which you can celebrate your party into your garden or in small ground place because it is not huge in size generally; but if you order that you want to buy spacious kind of Garden Tent then we will design it for specially.This kind of tent is astonishing in look and durable in nature.

So, now we comes over to the subcategories of garden Tent:-

Elegant Garden tent :-This tent is basically design with the latest designing pattern.When you look it to this tent it is fully covered in white canvas but is also adorned with black color of bold border which add special beauty to this tent.

Stylish Garden tent :- This garden tent is in hut shape with quite more space but when it assemble into your ground possess awesome look.

Designer Garden Tent :- This kind of canopy is quite different because it is covered from back side for offering yo more comfortable shelter.This tent is fully adorned with orange and red color of curtains.

Party Garden Tent :-This marquee is huge kind of Garden Tent which are its best sub category in the sense of space.Its assembling and dismantlement process is very easy.

Luxury Garden Tent :- This kind of Garden Tents are for luxurious party; when it comes to your wedding or engagement then this tent is very demanded in the market.

Our all category of Raj Tent are gorgeous in look and awesome in features.As the  best tent manufacturing company we offers you these Raj Tents in very cost effective Range.

We will continue with the same post; so keep reading.

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Facet Of Raj Tents

Friday, 18 April 2014

Today I am here to show you all my readers our best collection of Raj Tent which are fabulous in their look and best in their features like it is sturdy, durable and water and fire resistant.As the best Raj tent Manufacturer  our Raj Tent are awesomeness in their all aspects.We are happy to present the impressive kind of Raj tents which have superb design and accommodate huge no. of Guest.Raj Tent are mainly use for big parties and have conical roof shape with folded curtains.It canvases have vibrant color and exotic printing which make this tent very worthy.

Lavish Raj Tent

Artistic raj Tent

Aesthetic Raj Tent

Elegant Raj Tent

Traditional Raj Tent

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What To Include In Your Wedding Tent Decorations?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Make a canopy for wedding is usually a matter of designs your dream venue; as we all know that marriage is important event in our life so making it memorable is the main desire of any individual. When it comes to decorating your venue then there is lots of thing which are comes to anyone's mind that which kind of wedding you want to organize,what will be theme of your wedding,what kind of tents you want to add in to your wedding venue, catering and many more.

The major aspects of Wedding Are :-

  1. To create a wonderful scene, first choose the right canopy design and also style. Actual or even light-weight camp tents are actually eye-catching.
  2. If you want to create the marriage party in the evening, choosing top canopy would be really amazing.
  3. Lighting is very important facet of any tents or wedding; through attractive lighting you can attract more and more eyes into your wedding venue.
  4. Suspend lanterns and chandeliers from the top of the tent.
  5. Place chandeliers and lamps from the top of the canopy.
  6. Inside Wedding Tent a royal and well seating management matters a lot.
When you merge these points in our decoration then you wedding will be fabulous. Raj Wedding Tent is the best collection of Raj Tents which we sell in very cost effective range. As the best tent manufacturer we have also various kind of tents like Garden Tent, Pergola Tent, Party Tent,Event Tent and many more with their best design and vibrant color.

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Traditional Designing Pattern Of Tents

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The events of India are known for their elegance and design and decoration of any event is not complete without wonderful tents. Our nation is usually popular for these customs and cultural types of tents the styles of these tents are based on Indian culture which is motivated from Mughal and Roman structure. These camp tents are created in the same ways and give you the stylish environment of any party.
In market situation, nowadays Raj Tent is in great requirement. In fact not just the conventional tents but even high-class tents created in Raj tent Manufacturer much recommended models nowadays. In foreign, the quality of Raj Tents is usually recommended a lot because they are better resistive to climate than any other nation's produced tents.
Moreover, these models are usually very affordable and easily available in foreign marketplaces due to high trade rate. The Raj  tents created here usually have all kinds of features such as, Created with easy set up and take apart process, elegant in look, durable in nature, spacious in their space and many more.

Not just Foreign, but even in the India, people who want to make their celebration dazzling then they buy high-class tents to get a wonderful experience. They are available in very lightweight dimensions which are convenient to bring and can be taken anywhere and everywhere without much complications. Raj Tent exporter are one of the top provider of Raj Tent who are creating for the most affordable but the best high quality tent. We have detailed all the available variety of products called Raj tent and classification with various styles available with them. We have also various kind of tent like Party Tent, Pergola Tent, Pavilion Tent, Wedding Tent,  Beach Tent, resort Tent and many more. They have obtained great popularity in the marketplace as the best Tent manufacturing Company of India.

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Necessary aspects of Raj Wedding Tent

Monday, 7 April 2014

Choose  right place for the wedding is as complicated a process as it gets. Preparing and organizing your marriage easy but a stressful work. You have to handle too many factors at time. Apart from other considerations, the primary issue for you is to think about the place for the wedding. You would absolutely love to create the most essential occasion of your lifestyle to be most unforgettable one.
Selecting for wedding tent solutions will do everything as per your wish and create the function even more unique for you. In wedding everyone makes their event dazzling and bright and for this you need to take care of these things and they are:-

  • Wedding Venue
  • Wedding Tent
  • Color of Tents
  •  Wedding Decoration
  •  Seating arrangement
  • Lighting arrangement inside the tent
  • Accessories

Settle down this wedding Tent in garden with attractive attributes, great illumination, and innovative designs and with a lot of space at your convenience create your function as attractive as it gets, at least more attractive. Raj Wedding Tent can be your best choice for your wedding because it has all wonderful features that should be in perfect Wedding Tent. The most innovative category of Raj Tents is Raj Wedding Tent which we offer you in very genuine rates.

Raj Tents for Your Wedding

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Raj wedding Tent fit at your choice for your best wedding tent. This tent with their impressive and stylish styles gives every marriage the respect it should get. This kind of canopy could give you a memorable and stylish wedding party. Innovative tent experts and wedding specialists design tents perfect for any wedding occasion for any season. High-class look and durable nature are what creates a marriage unforgettable and fashionable. However, these are not possible without wonderful decoration. 

Delivering customer expectations is what assures high quality for the same. Elegant camp tents high quality lies in the raw material used to manufacture them. Those materials are citified as the best product and ensure their durability and robust nature. The water resistant feature of marquee components removes that ugly leaking incident in a wedding. Quality covering content with top high quality fabric will add royals and value to your marriage ceremony. 

All marriages are unique with different requirements and need. For illustrations, in marriages, shade styles and designs are all different and unique. For this reason, wedding tent that meet this originality with the accessibility to types in designs and colors are ideal for marriage events. Producers use their technological and creative encounters along with enhancements to come up with covering designs that fit every marriage. Choose best tent manufacturer that places customized and quality as a concern. With that choice, your marriage will have considered as elegant and royal marriage. Raj Tent has lots of categories in which Raj wedding Tent is best for your wedding; Raj Wedding Tent also has sub category like Splendid Wedding Tent, Elegant Wedding Tent, Wonderful Wedding Tent, Impressive Wedding Tent and many more.

This ensures that the wedding tents meet with your all expectation and dream and when it assembles in the ground it likes fairy tales in your wedding.

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