Wedding Tents And Its Various Types

Monday, 12 May 2014

In this wedding season Raj Tent Manufacturer has come with their latest collection of Wedding Tent.I my previous post I have finished my five category and Today I am starting from where we left.

Exotic Wedding Tents :-In round shape with pointed roof we design this wedding tent in blue and white color of canvas that have eye catching border.

Exclusive Wedding Tents :-In orange and light sky blue color we design this wedding tent in hut shape which have cone shape roof and its curtains and folded and adorned with around.

Designer Wedding Tents :-This Wedding Tent is huge in shape and therefore ideal for big parties.In cream color of canvas this tent is decorated with its matching lantern and its accessories.

Monolithic Wedding Tents :-Monolithic Wedding Tent is best suited for your wedding because it contains artistic look;; inside this Wedding Tent we decorate it with flowers,lamps,lantern and through many beautiful accessories.

Imperial Wedding Tents :-Wrapped in cream color of canvas this wedding tent is made from high quality of canvas which protect your party from rough weather and make your party dazzling and happy.

So these are the categories which I have left in my previous; some more categories of Wedding Tents are there which we discuss with you in my next post.As the best Tent manufacturer we offer these categories which are sub categories of Raj Tents in cost effective range.

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