Lavish Bhurj Tents

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The several styles of tents as proven below are available in different colors mixture and customized fabrics styles can be accommodated.

Durable Bhurj Tents :-We design this covering with high quality of fabric and has creative look in the canvas.

Durable Bhurj Tents

Monolithic Bhurj Tents :-We provide the fashionable and convenience monolithic Bhurj Tent in white color of fabric. It is exclusively designed with the use of top quality of components.

Monolithic Bhurj Tents

Exclusive Bhurj Tents :-We assist this tent in exclusive design and printing, this marquee is Resilient, huge and has water-resistance functions.

Exclusive Bhurj Tents

Our wide variety of Bhurj Tents are manufactured using top quality canvas which is 100% pure cotton. These varieties are available in various styles and sizes.Raj Tents are the best Tent Manufacturing Company of Bhurj Tent.

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Lavish Bhurj Tents

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bhurj Tents provided range is commonly required and valued by the customers due to its stability and optimality functions.

Splendid Bhurj Tents :-With top indicated roof, eye-catching boundary and adequate windows, we design the Splendid Bhurj Tent which is easily set up in the garden.

Splendid Bhurj Tent

Wonderful Bhurj Tents :-We offer amazing Bhurj Tent in circular form with top indicated ceiling and protected from all on the sides only one door is offered for entry.

Wonderful Bhurj Tent

Imperial Bhurj Tents :-This Bhurj Tent has fashionable boundary, one entry entrance and adequate windows with durable and water resistant level of tolerant function.

Imperial Bhurj Tent

Magnificent Bhurj Tents :-We designs this spectacular Bhurj Tent in white color of fabric. It is reinforced by center rod and side poles. Assembling and disassemble process is simple and fast.

Magnificent Bhurj Tent

Unique Bhurj Tents :-We afford to our client an attractive canopy with white fabric and eye-catching boundary. It is circular in shape and have top indicated roof.

Unique Bhurj Tent

Our precious customers can acquire these items at the most market-leading cost. These Bhurj Tents are robust in nature and have best  tolerance capacity that is the reason why these are the most powerful canopies of Raj Tents.

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Lavish Bhurj Tents

Saturday, 23 August 2014

With the commitment to quality, we are offering our prestigious customers a variety of Bhurj Tents at the most comprehensive variety and  rate. These tents are widely used for camping purpose.

Designer Bhurj Tents :- We provide to this Bhurj Tent in conventional size and styles for special type of events or camping.

Designer Bhurj Tents

Impressive Bhurj Tents :-It is circular is form and its upper part is in top indicated form and present itself in white shade. The internal decorator materials and boundary improve the beauty of this canopy.

Impressive Bhurj Tents

Fabulous Bhurj Tents :-We offer this amazing tent in circular shape with hut form . It is protected you from rough weather.It is easy to set up and dissemble.

Fabulous Bhurj Tents

Majestic Bhurj Tents :-This tent is provided itself with white shade of fabric and in circular form with top indicated roof. The design of its boundary is so eye capturing.

Majestic Bhurj Tent

Spacious Bhurj Tents :-In spherical shape and top indicated roof which is stand with the help of side string and rod.

Spacious Bhurj Tents

Bhurj Tents  provided by Raj Tents are valued by the customers due to its stability and optimality functions.

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Dignified Mughal Tents

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mughal Tents are considered as the royal tent for your party; because of its elegant look and comfortable finishing.

Luxurious Mughal Tent :-In a white color of curtains this Mughal Tent is created by the high quality of fabrics because we believe in quality materials.

Aesthetic Mughal Tent :- Aesthetic Mughal Tent is open from all side and have conical roof that makes it impressive in look.

Impressive Mughal Tent :-This kind of Mughal Tent is in white-colored shade of fabric with eye-catching border. We use the water resistant materials in making of this Mughal tent.

Exclusive Mughal Tent :- We provide the water resistant designed fabric of Exclusive Mughal Tent. It is totally covered canopy with fantastic folded curtains.

Wonderful Mughal Tent :-We make the amazing Mughal Tent with the use of fashionable and fantastic quality drapes and other components for strength.

Mughal Tents provided by us are perfect for huge parties and  are incredibly fire resilient and are water resistant.Raj Tents known as the leading manufacturer of Mughal Tents.

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Dignified Mughal Tents

Monday, 18 August 2014

Mughal Tents provided by us are perfect for huge kind of parties like marriage,engagement of any kind of social weathering; as they are water resistant and therefore it will not make any problems in any type of celebration if the weather circumstances are not good.

Stylish Mughal Tent :-We deliver the water tolerant designed fabric of Stylish Mughal Tent. It is completely coated with fantastic outdoor canvas.

Lavish Mughal Tent :-Made from high quality of fabrics this Mughal Tent is designed in the traditional way and its inner part is fully decorated with lightnings.

Elegant Mughal Tent :-Our firm's dedication to top quality, our products are huge and highly-durable, as these are produced using the best possible top quality required material.

Special Mughal Tent :-With the assistance of our group of professionals, we have been able to provide Special Mughal Tent to the clients. This tent is commonly valued by the prestigious clients for their elegant & genuine look as well as design.

Luxury Mughal Tent :-As per its name this Mughal Tent is provideing us a royal look with luxurious touch; when we assemble this tent in the groung it posses a grand look.

we can customize these Mughal Tents on the reasons for dimensions, colors, styles and other requirements as per clients’ choices.Raj Tents Provide these tents in cost effective range.

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Dignified Mughal Tents

Saturday, 9 August 2014

The internal part of these Mughal Tents gives amazing look and are best suitable for high-class party. They are available in different dimensions, shades, styles and designs.

Outdoor Mughal Tent :-The Spectacular Mughal Tent is developed to give you the feel of mughal era. Here, magnificently designed this conventional Mughal tent is ideal for huge events.

Monolithic Mughal Tent :-The white-colored shade along with its conical ceiling and creative design beautifies the overall look of this canopy.

Classic Mughal Tent :-This Amazing Mughal Tent gives the visual Mughal feel to this tent. We use fashionable and fantastic high quality drapes and other components for guaranteeing better tent balance and durability.

Spacious Mughal Tent :-The Unique Mughal canopy is designed white color material and protected from every side making a small sector for access.

Party Mughal Tent :-Party Mughal Tent has powerful representational resonances and is highly designed to give a luxurious touch. 

Guaranteeing easy set up and disassemble, these Mughal Tents contributes a perfect stoke of beauty and complexity.Mughal Tents are the best collection of Raj Tents.

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Dignified Mughal Tents

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mughal Tents are perfect combination of  Indian elegance and Mughal era and are known for their strength. These tents are based on creative and  quality and identifies by the styles, designs, dimensions and material.

Magnificent Mughal Tent :-Delicately designed this Mughal Tent has been magnificently emphasized providing it an amazing and stylish look. S

Fabulous Mughal Tent :-This Fantastic Unique Mughal Tent is based on latest and designs. This white color tent is walled by a representational material.

Event Mughal Tent :-Illustrating the wonder of Mughal Era, our Huge Mughal Tent is actual sign of the royals and magnificence of that period.

Exotic Mughal Tent :-Fashionable and stunning in looks, we provide the Wonderful Mughal Tent for any kind of party.

Unique Mughal Tent :-This Unique Mughal Tent is wonderfully design in nice color and its canvas is made from high quality of fabrics.

We are the best tent manufacturer of Mughal Tents and have very good  production of Mughal Tents by the use top quality of components for their strength with eye-catching components. Mughal Tent count as the best tent category of Raj Tents.

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Culminating Exclusive Tents

Friday, 1 August 2014

Our Exclusive Tents are made up of top quality of the components having enough water resistant components. Our canopy is perfect for all types of events. We have various type of design which impact your celebration in beneficial way.

Impressive Exclusive Tents :-Our amazing unique tent is completely designed with fantastic colors of drapes which are completely collapsed from the poles and it has top indicated roof.

Traditional Exclusive Tents :-In a orange and red color combination this Exclusive Tent is design with the top quality of material.

Monolithic Exclusive Tents :-With all side open facility this tent is designed in white and sky blue of color which make it adorable in look.
Outdoor Exclusive Tents :-We beautify this tent with vibrant color of fabric with some small clinging accessories. This tent has many features like it is water resistant, huge, stylish, ease in set up.

Spacious Exclusive Tents :-In the three vibrant colors i.e. white, red and orange we made this tent with its exclusively beauty and set up into your ground to give stylish look to your event.

We signify these Exclusive Tents in cost-effective price with quality and wonderful components. Exclusive Tents which are the main category of Raj Tents make your event very special. 

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