Affactionate Handmade Tent

Thursday, 28 May 2015

If you are planning party or any other occasion then you should choose Raj Tents which have wonderful and sturdy tents that is most necessary issues for host of any kinds of occasion or celebration.

Wonderful Handmade Tent:- Our Wonderful Handmade Tent is add great and fantastic accessories for increase the beauty of the tent. This type of tents is best for big gathering. We never compromise quality and material due to our products is world- famous.

Wonderful Handmade Tent
Features of Wonderful Handmade Tent:-
Ideal for big parties
Eye catching border
It have wonderful curtain
Installion process is very fast and easy
Construct with this size (4m X 6m, 6m X 10m, 8m X 12m, 10m X 15m and 12m X 18m)

Aesthetic Handmade Tent:- We serve Aesthetic Handmade Tent for a special event, we offer this tent on your affordable rate. It fabricate from white color of canvas with attractive boundary.

Aesthetic Handmade Tent
Features of Aesthetic Handmade Tent:-
Gives artistic look
More famous in market for fabulous designing pattern
Made from superb quality material
It take white and black color canvas
The size of the tent is (3m X 3m and 4m X 4m)

Raj Tent manufacturing company is offer splendid tents which have many features like durable, spacious and robust with nature. Raj Tents are arranging everything in a proper way under the tent. 

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Affactionate Handmade Tent

Friday, 22 May 2015

In ancient times, Raj Tents have been used in variety of parties and functions and best for accommodation in alluring style. These type of tents have many colorful and fascinate tent which accessible on the budget price. 

Indian Handmade Tent:- Our Indian Handmade Tent is wrapped in single color of fabrics with wonderful boundary, It brings very attractive look at the affordable price, Main thing it is use waterproof canvas.

Indian Handmade Tent
Features of Indian Handmade Tent:-

  •  Fabricated with red colors
  • Use excellent accessories
  • Using single color
  • The sizes of the tent is (4m dia, 5m dia and 6m dia)

 Traditional Handmade Tent:- We assist Traditional Handmade Tent for wedding or social function with excellent quality of fabrics. It gives the traditional effect on the party due to your party is memorized with every moments.

Traditional Handmade Tent
Features of Traditional Handmade Tent:-

  • White color of fancy fabrics used
  • It have great look
  • It organize fantastic parties
  • Construct with this site (4m dia, 5m dia and 6m dia)

 Raj Tents have become a fashion in these days in everywhere, It is good way for celebrating function under the Raj Tents. It is available in both style traditional and modern. Most Raj Tents are present with removable walls at the cost-effective price.

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Preeminent Indian Tent

Monday, 18 May 2015

Raj Tents provide great option to customer for choose a tent for parties, camping, cultural events, and other social function. These type of tents are design in sophisticated way then it create a different look.  Raj Tents is use in big parties to small parties.

Handmade Indian Tent:- Our Handmade Indian Tents is set up on the ground with the rope and pole. This type of tents is prominently used in everywhere by proficient team member. Wrapped with multiple color which has make party very memorable of your life.

Handmade Indian Tents
Features of Handmade Indian Tent:-
  • Based on light weighted patterns
  • Reflect culture of Indian in party
  • Stunning artistic pattern
  • Beautiful decoration
  • It is construct in this sizes (3m X 3m and 4m X 4m)
Elegant Indian Tent:- We Present Elegant Indian Tent in white, orange and red color of marquees, this type of tents is best choice for any occasion because it have so many feature and design also awesome and beautiful, that is open at all sides with the waterproof canvas.

Elegant Indian Tent
Features of Elegant Indian Tent:-
  • Add fantastic and beautiful design
  • Big in size so use in large gathering
  • Supported by standard rope and pole
  • Known for high quality material
  • The size of the tent is (4m X 6m, 6m X 10m, 8m X 12m, 10m X 15m and 12m X 18m)
We offer Indian Tents that is the part of Raj Tents which gives aesthetic look and pitched on beautiful garden within time frame,  Raj Tents create a unique and attractive environment inside the tent.  Raj Tents is developed by us and available on budget price for our customer.

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