Special Luxury Tent

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Luxury Tent are a great option for wedding or outdoor parties, decoration is magnificent and requires all facility which needs under the tents, mostly Luxury Tent can accommodate huge gatherings, and they are come in your affordable price.

Special Luxury Tent:-
Our Special Luxury Tent is fabricated by expert team. This tent beautiful decorate using multi-color of canvas and stylish hanging lamps. You and your guests are feeling awesome. Our canvas is protect to your guest from cold winds or rains.

Special Luxury Tent
Exclusive Features of Special Luxury Tent:-
  • Made in hut form
  • Stylish marquees create outstanding look
  • Durable and portable
  • Spacious and marvelous tent
  • The sizes of the tents are (4m dia, 5m dia and 6m dia)
Planning a function or party that will involve good decoration like strong marquees, assembling process is fast and much more. Our Raj Tents is create gorgeous impression. A alluring and tempting designed Raj Tent which perfectly suited to all parties.

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Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Raj Tents hope and pray that your life joyful, never lose hope.

Always be happy with your family and make your enemy also a good friend, get a bless from god and elder.

******* HAPPY DIWALI *******

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Luxury Luxury Tent For Luxury Function

Monday, 9 November 2015

Raj Tents manufactures Luxury Tent which brings all luxurious and convenience under the tent. You enjoy the parties and function in a royal way. Raj Tents bring some valuable moment in your life.

Luxury Luxury Tent:- We offer Luxury Luxury Tent, it make a party stunning and glamour and suit to each kinds of function. It is fabricated upper part in white color canvas and other sides is decorated with multi-color canvas that is red and maroon.

Luxury Luxury Tent
Advantages of Luxury Luxury Tent:- 
  • It is so colorful and magnificent
  • Best for outdoor event
  • UV resistant fabrics tent
  • Sizes of the tents are (4m dia, 5m dia and 6m dia)
Raj tent marquees is simple and aesthetic but it has attractive features. Our Raj Tent is designed systematic and good looking. It offers many wide collection of tents which are long lasting and durable.

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Lavish Luxury Tent

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Luxury Tents is the best category of Raj Tents. As name Luxury Tents is come in wonderful and attractive structure. This type of tents is very comfortable and luxurious and also light in weight durable and portable.

Lavish Luxury Tent:- Our Lavish Luxury Tent is manufacture with prime quality of material and covered from red color of marquees at all sides. It is open only front sides and closed at back sides. It is well known that lavish and unique function or parties arrangements. It gives to ceremony a gorgeous as well as glamorous look.

Lavish Luxury Tent
Exclusive features of Lavish Luxury Tent:-
  • Presents an unique style
  • For best option birthday parties or meetings
  • Gives ethnic touch
  • It has gorgeous interiors and exterior design
  • The sizes of the tent are (4m dia, 5m dia and 6m dia)
Raj tent manufacturing company is supply standard and exclusive design of tents, maximum number of people refer this tents for royal or special function. Raj Tents are best tent to arrange your party or wedding.

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Weeding Luxury Tent

Monday, 26 October 2015

Our Luxury Tent have so many stunning styles and designs is available here so choosing the right tent according to party which convert simple occasion into special occasion.

Wedding Luxury Tent:- Our Designer is design a Weeding Luxury Tent in an amazing and stunning style. Our Tents are made waterproof fabrics which protect your party and your guest from the cold wind as well as rain. As name it is outstanding for wedding or marriage reception party.

Wedding Luxury Tent
Advantages of Wedding Luxury Tent:-
  •  The sizes of the tents are (3m X 3m and 4m X 4m)
  • Excellent decoration in interior and outer side
  • Set up at amazing location
  • You enjoy party and beautiful garden
  • To make special party 
Luxury Tent is the part of Raj Tents, well known that Raj Tents are very popular among the customer for awesome quality and decoration. It is mostly used in raj tent for wedding and we offer this tents at the affordable price.

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Exotic Luxury Tent

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

We are leading tent manufacturers and exporter of all type of tents. We glad to say our tents is very popular among the clients and providing prime quality of tents across the country. Luxury Tent is a special category of Raj Tents which present spectacular look into your party.

Exotic Luxury Tent:- We present an Exotic Luxury Tent in open structure at all sides with upper part is covered from white colored of marquees. These marquees are generally in rectangular shaped with top pointed roof and eye-catching border gives pleasing look.

Exotic Luxury Tent
Exclusive features of Exotic Luxury Tent:-
  1. Perfect for big to small function
  2. The canvas of this tents are so fancy
  3. Superior quality of material is use
  4. Come within your pocket budget
  5. The sizes of the tents are (4m X 6m, 6m X 10m, 8m X 12m, 10m X 15m and 12m X 18m)
Our collection of tents is superb and easily placed on gardens and beaches for many other parties of function. Raj Tent providing luxury canvas are made by hand or traditional method from using superb quality canvas which is waterproof and fire resistant. Each Raj Tents are fabricated with all modern or traditional accessories.

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Classic Luxury Tent

Friday, 9 October 2015

Raj Tent manufacturing company bringing a Luxury Tent which have unique features and can make any function a special one. For sophisticated function, you must choose stunning and engaging tents which have additional features.

Classic Luxury Tent:- Design with white and orange colors of fabrics and shape is wonderful, you can celebrate small to big parties here, it have many thing for consider Classic Luxury Tent such as design, shapes, colors and decoration for a special occasion.

Classic Luxury Tent
Features of Classic Luxury Tent:-
  • It is very awe-inspiring
  • Aesthetically fabricated
  • Eco-friendly and durable tent
  • Added some beautiful accessories
  • The sizes of this tents are (4m X 6m, 6m X 10m, 8m X 12m, 10m X 15m and 12m X 18m)
Raj Tents are amongst the most famous tents which best option for social gathering or big occasion. It allow lots of guest under the canvas and provides protection from negative weather conditions. Well knows raj tent for party and allows huge number of guests to enjoy some natural beauty.

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