Pergola Raj Tents

Friday, 10 May 2013

Pergola tents are ideal to set up a powerful concept for your Moroccan or Indian party, stylish and innovative dinners or weddings. The Gazebo is also a great favorite as a seaside cabana; look out for Raj tents new range of ‘Beach Pergolas’ coming out this year.

Fitted on a stainless-steel structure, the self-supporting Pergola can be set up inside or outside to structure a food, bar, living room sitting vignette or romantic supper.Available in a variety of external and internal shade blends with specific scalloping and curtains linked back with soft silk string tassel tie; choose to develop a powerful unique concept for your events, or go for the amazing beauty of a simple, fairly neutral color-way.

The Raj Tent is flip, enabling you to have an range of blends. The most popular being the double, multiple Pergolas. We can utilize 10’ extensive linking the canopy to improve the impact to provide the long party table configurations so much in fashion at the moment. On the other hand, Pergolas set up in a row create a magnificent pathway to take your visitors into a larger tent in unmatched style.The Raj tents Gazebo delivers shade and difference to your ball room events, instantly customizing the area by including components on a different level to turn a familiar area into an individual one for your party. Maharaja Raj Tents




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