Framework and Lining Raj Tents

Monday, 27 May 2013

Raj tent provide an unique variety of internal design for framework tents. The variety consists of roof designs, walls or curved walls therapies, curtains and scalloping to completely convert a standard framework covering.

Made to give you the options of having Raj Tents, one-of-a-kind thematic look for bigger tent area, whether you are looking for a luxury raj wedding tents, huge covering of produce Indian wedding tent or palatial Indian tion.For bigger events outside anywhere, we generally recommend using a Raj coating. Your local framework marquee lease company can advise you on the framework after a site visit along with suggestions on flooring as well as other lease items for your event. Raj tents have the advantage of working with a foreseeable space and as there is no framework to deliver, price is kept to a low.Raj Tents internal design is made of the same top quality pure cotton as the roofs for our smaller tents. With woodblock printing and mirror-work stitched decorations, you get the same hand designed feel, but on the range for extensive interesting. 

A favorite is the Mughal curved wall treatment, where decorative silver reduce archways include the covering. Available in cool blue, warm bravo and coming up during 2010 blue and delicious lemon.
To convert the external of your tent with massive silver finials to top the leg posts along with external scalloping, double on the sides’ archways and curtains.Raj tents provides an unique range of lighting specially requested for extensive framework covering internal treatments, with either fantastic hard Moroccan or Indian styles or for more traditionally designed decor, amazing three level traditional home chandeliers


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