Affectionate Handmade Tent

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Raj Tents is a glorious and famous brand of tent manufacturing company and it provide luxurious, spacious and standard party tents to make your events and celebration enduring. All products of Raj Tents available for rent on economical price.

Event Handmade Tent- Event Handmade Tent has alluring and attractive border which increase the beauty and charming of this tent. This types of tent is ideal for all events, celebrations and parties. Raj Tent manufacturing company offer this tent in combination of orange and white color of canvas.

Event Handmade Tent
The upper portion of Event Handmade Tent is made by white color of canvas and looking like a temple and inner portion of this tent is made by orange color of canvas with golden threading of border is used. This types of tent is small in size so easy to architect anywhere you want. This types of tent use luxury lining decoration for your dream wedding and events.

Advantage of Event Handmade Tent-
•    Alluring and tempting border is used
•    The size of this tent is (3m X 3m and 4m X 4m) with canopy
•    This types of available in white color
•    It is waterproof and sunrays protected
•    Assembling process of this tent is uncomplicated
•    White and orange color of canvas is used

Fabulous Handmade Tent- Fabulous Handmade Tent is created by white color canvas with colorful blue and sky blue block printed border. This types of tent is supported by the ropes and four poles.

Fabulous Handmade Tent
Fabulous Handmade Tent have pointed roof. These types of tent is easy to design any garden and lawn because it is small in size. This types of tent is used for small parties and events. Standard class of seating arrangement is available in this tent. It is available in different design, shape and sizes for making customers events so wonderful and memorable.

Advantage of Fabulous Handmade Tent-
•    It is luxurious and comfortable
•    All accessories, furniture and decoration of this tent is very smart
•    It is possible in size of 4diameter, 5diameter and 6diameter.
•    White  color of canvas with alluring border
•    Waterproof and UV protected
Raj Tent manufacturing company is one of the best tent manufacturing company in India. The product of Raj Tents is heat and water resistance and durable in nature. Raj Tents provide a large collection of tents for wedding party, gardens, beaches, camping and events.

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