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Thursday, 2 April 2015

We know that Raj Tent manufacturing company is popular over the world for our splendid designing or great quality material. Raj Tent have uncounted tent for every types of occasion, function or parties and each tent contain different design or look, does not match design or style to each- other.

Handcrafted Indian Tent:- Handcrafted Indian Tent is manufactured by white fabrics but you can see this picture it is very simple but boundary of the tent is so stunning. Our team is design this tent in medium size with the supported of four poles.

Handcrafted Indian Tent
Features of Tent:-1. It is construct in this size 3m X 3m and 4m X 4m
                               2. -Take a position with help of pole.
                               3. Ideal for medium size parties
                               4. Combine the modern and intriguing designs
                               5. Gives exotic look at weddings

Garden Indian Tent:- Our Garden Indian Tent have magnificent look and you can feel comfortable inside the tent and perfect tent for parties. It takes few time for made up as per customer's requirement along unique shape and design.

Garden Indian Tent
Features of Tent:- 1. Open all sides with attractive design
                                2. Mainly white fabrics prefer for function
                                3. Have a lot of space
                                4. Perfect for large number of guest
                                5. Shade and forms is so impressive
Raj Tents has a durable with stylish and available at your budget. Raj Tents is made up by the creative designers along with new idea or techniques. Raj Tents provides Luxury Tents with attractive interiors and exteriors design or styles. We offer a wide array of raj tents, luxury tents, wedding tents, handmade tents, indian tents etc for your indoor or outdoor parties.

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