Exorbitant Beautiful Royal Seating

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Royal Seating is suitable for large and small parties. It is easily set up anywhere in the tent and also it contain light weight this reason easily move anywhere without any hassle.

Handmade Seating:- We make Handmade Seating in a good features. It make an orange and white colors of cushion cover and perfect in all function.
Handmade Seating

Traditional Seating:- We provide a Traditional Seating for special and Traditional Parties or function, but can also use in all types of occasion. It is simple but attractive looks.
Traditional Seating

Fabulous Seating:- Fabulous Seating is designed based on maharaja design that seating provide  comfortable and durable with nature.
Fabulous Seating

Designer Seating:- Designer Seating is come in pink color with fantastic border. It is come in pair and colors of each and every seating is same.
Designer Seating

Artistic Seating:- Our designer is present an Artistic Seating with standard designing. It is mostly use in grand and royal types of function or occasion.

Artistic Seating

Splendid Seating:- Splendid Seating is contain stylish look and sofa color is such a fascinating ,when it is placed in the tent then it brings charming in the party.
Splendid Seating

Raj Tents have various and wide collection of Royal Seating with the affordable price and Royal Seating is make interior part is awesome.

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