Lavish Bhurj Tents

Saturday, 23 August 2014

With the commitment to quality, we are offering our prestigious customers a variety of Bhurj Tents at the most comprehensive variety and  rate. These tents are widely used for camping purpose.

Designer Bhurj Tents :- We provide to this Bhurj Tent in conventional size and styles for special type of events or camping.

Designer Bhurj Tents

Impressive Bhurj Tents :-It is circular is form and its upper part is in top indicated form and present itself in white shade. The internal decorator materials and boundary improve the beauty of this canopy.

Impressive Bhurj Tents

Fabulous Bhurj Tents :-We offer this amazing tent in circular shape with hut form . It is protected you from rough weather.It is easy to set up and dissemble.

Fabulous Bhurj Tents

Majestic Bhurj Tents :-This tent is provided itself with white shade of fabric and in circular form with top indicated roof. The design of its boundary is so eye capturing.

Majestic Bhurj Tent

Spacious Bhurj Tents :-In spherical shape and top indicated roof which is stand with the help of side string and rod.

Spacious Bhurj Tents

Bhurj Tents  provided by Raj Tents are valued by the customers due to its stability and optimality functions.

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